What is the Dairy Council?

The Dairy Council of Utah/Nevada is a non-profit organization comprised of a small team of dedicated professionals devoted to the promotion of local agriculture, lifelong health, and the enjoyment of food. We work on behalf of Utah & Nevada’s Dairy Farm Families to provide timely, scientifically based nutrition information to the media, health professionals, consumers, and others concerned about fostering a healthy diet in addition to promoting fun, community-based events to showcase dairy foods and dairy farmers.

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Catch up on the latest dairy news and learn more about our farmers, schools, and the industry. Frequently updated, our stories show the journey from farm to table, highlighting that good comes from the farm.

  • What is Lactose Intolerance

    02 Feb Lactose Intolerance vs. Milk Allergy?

    A food intolerance is different than a food allergy. It can be confusing, but it helps to know what’s what in order to healthfully navigate food choices. When it comes to milk, here’s the difference: Lactose Intolerance: Lactose Intolerance (LI) refers to the body’s physical......

  • food bank distribution

    13 Jan Local Dairy Community Rallies to Provide Milk

    Just after Christmas, a cold spell in Reno, Nevada, resulted in broken pipes at a local middle school. This middle school was the distribution center for a local food bank. The broken pipes caused flooding, and the school had to be shut down, which means that food......

  • Dietary Guidelines for Americans 2015-2020

    08 Jan 2015 Dietary Guidelines – What’s New?

    The US Government just released its 2015 Dietary Guidelines for Americans, the 8th edition of such guidelines, which offer only slight changes in recommendations to the guidelines released in 2010. The main points: Limit added sugar Opt for 3 servings of dairy Choose color –......

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For the past several years, Becky has been a regular on KSL’s award-winning lifestyle show Studio 5. Becky’s teaching background and her culinary experience offer the credibility and resources necessary to tweak recipes, make cooking fun, and inspire at-home chefs. Below are Becky’s most recent creations. Click one to see the recipe or navigate to “Recipes” for a complete archive.

Brazilian Fudge Balls


Brigadiers, also called Brazilian Fudge Balls, are Brazils most famous and favorite candy. Easy and delicious, they are a great treat for Valentines Day!

How do you make Brigadeiros?

Sweetened condensed milk is combined with cocoa powder and softened butter while heating. Stirring the mixture while heating allows it to thicken and reach the appropriate consistency. Watch the process to ensure your candy is at the right stage. Stage 1 | Stage 2.

After the candy has cooled briefly, you can enjoy a spoonful directly from the pan. The Brazilians even have a name for this, "Spoon Brigadeiros". While it's tempting to eat the whole batch this way, the the traditional method of making brigadeiros is to roll the mixture in chocolate vermicelli.

Brigadiers, also called Brazilian Fudge Balls, are Brazil’s most famous and favorite candy and they are gaining popularity here in the United States. Make these individual treats at home – perfect for any Valentine!

Ricotta Gnocchi

Ricotta Gnocchi

Is Gnocchi Hard to Make?

Classic potato gnocchi can be a bit tricky. Ricotta gnocchi is much more forgiving and creates tender pasta pillows known as "gnudi." Plus it's fun to make and eat!

what is "gnudi"?

Gnudi is derived from the Italian word for nude. Sometimes ricotta gnocchi is known as nude ravioli, or naked ravioli; without the shell. For a more tender gnocchi use a whole fat Ricotta. Watch Becky make the recipe on Studio 5

Ricotta gnocchi are much more forgiving than potato gnocchi! So simple and fast, they can be made light, pillowy and flavor packed in less time than it takes to cook dried pasta.

Chicken and Spinach Hot Dish

Chicken & Spinach Hot Dish

American's love “Hot Dish” (a.k.a. casserole), a midwestern quintessential regional dish, invented by budget minded farm wives in the 20th century. I'm always on the lookout for a good recipe and love to follow food trends. Casseroles have gotten somewhat of a bad rap over the years, yet a quick Pinterest search reveals thousands of casserole-inspired recipe pins. So casseroles are still trendy. Modernize the traditional casserole with these exciting new foods and combinations.

Casserole vs Hot Dish

If the word 'casserole' sets your family off in the wrong direction adopt the Midwest name and call it a "Hot Dish." Keep the parts identifiable. Layer rather than mix into mush. Include protein, vegetable, starch, sauce, and crunch.

Chicken & Spinach ‘Hot Dish’ is the ideal modern casserole! New foods and combinations make this dish exciting and tasty.

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